April 18 – 20, 2024

AM Break Out Room Speakers

Dimitrios Loukakis

Meet Dimitrios Loukakis, your friendly Voice and Communication Specialist based in Los Angeles! Originally an actor in London, he later earned an MFA in Voice Studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London.

Dimitrios, having taught actors and journalists in the UK and the US, now coaches public speakers and presenters. His mission? Empowering you to speak about your ideas in inspiring and strategic ways, all while creating a fun learning environment with practical tools you can use right away. With a stellar record collaborating with companies like Microsoft and TDK, Dimitrios is your go-to for amplifying your message through public speaking and storytelling!

Speaking your Message – The art of effective communication


Nobody likes time-wasters.

And yet, so much time is being wasted every time we speak. Unengaging presentations, uninspired pitches, uncharismatic speakers. Audiences have become experts in stifling yawns and performative listening.

My mission is to change that.


By targeting the very thing that makes the difference: Non-verbal communication.

No, this is not a speech that will quickly turn into a pompous lecture with more theory and pseudo-intellectual gibberish than substance.

This session is designed to take you through a process of discovery.

It will identify the key components that can turn you from a speaker to an inspiring and charismatic communicator.

Because every time you present, introduce your business, or speak about what you do in a 30-second commercial, don’t you want the others to listen?

Be ready to learn surprising facts about speaking in a fun and interactive environment.
No hacks, no gimmicks, no games.

So, join me.

And stop wasting time.

Katherine Macey

Dr. Katherine Macey, Ph.D., is the engaging and resourceful owner of Organize to Excel, training you and organizations like yours to work smarter, not harder to optimize your productivity and achieve peak performance. With a doctorate in engineering, Dr. Macey brings a wealth of expertise in helping people like you with real world problems, turning your processes into models of efficiency and productivity.

Known for her captivating speaking style, Dr. Macey makes efficient time management, and systems management fun, exciting and easy. Her engaging presentation will blend evidence-based strategies with real-world examples leaving you motivated and ready to implement tangible changes in your professional and personal life.

Unleashing a Proactive Follow Up System

Embark on a transformative journey in this breakout session that reshapes your approach to professional relationships. Delve into the secrets of crafting a dynamic follow-up system that transcends the chaos of business cards. Dr. Macey’s expertise in systems creation will empower you to streamline follow-ups effortlessly, fostering lasting connections and collaborations.

In this essential session, discover the keys to proactive follow-up success, applicable whether you’re building your entrepreneurial empire or connecting with friends. Dr. Macey provides practical, actionable steps to elevate your networking game.

Elevate your networking game and take control of your future!

Jeff Viccora

Jeffrey Viccora has been a trusted partner to small businesses coming from commercial lending and now in insurance with USI Insurance Services. His goal as always been to personally get to know small business owners, what their fears are and how to navigate them to ensure peace of mind and profitability!

Securing the Digital Realm: Dive into Cyber Security Strategies

Everyone is aware of cyber crime. But not everyone is up to speed on what it means for them. Small businesses often have a misconception that they are somehow immune to the dangers of cyber crime because they’re too small and beneath the notice of bad actors. The truth is that nobody is immune, from Microsoft all the way down to individuals. It’s not a matter of if, but when.
Together, we’ll take an in depth look at the methods criminals are using to get into both small and large businesses, the changing landscape of complexity on the horizon, and tools that we all need to embrace as the new normal to thwart criminals with bad intentions and what business owners need to do to qualify for cyber insurance.
Our goal is not cyber immunity, our goal is making our business resilient enough to survive a cyber event, continue to operate and maintain profitability!

PM Breakout Rooms

Scott McCray

Scott McCray, the magician-turned-entrepreneur, weaves enchantment into every chapter of his remarkable journey. From claiming the Colorado Junior Magician title at 15 to becoming the 2017 National LeTip Chapter Member of the Year, he’s a master of connections. Over 21 years, LeTip has been Scott’s conduit for human interaction in the Business of Wellness, where he served as Chapter President multiple times.

Beyond the magic, Scott is a sought-after corporate speaker, humorist, and entertainer in the Western United States. His knack for bringing joy to audiences extends to his passion for natural nutrition, leadership development, and working from home. Scott’s story is a magical blend of pursuing passions and creating a fulfilling life.

Resilience Reset: Reigniting Motivation for Success

Discover the ultimate magic trick – fooling yourself back into motivation! Join professional comedian and magician Scott McCray for a blend of psychology and laughter. Learn how to create temporal landmarks, enticing your mind to embrace new turning points. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, these insights will propel you towards setting and achieving your next big goal. Get ready for a mind-bending journey that combines humor and psychology to put you firmly back in the driver’s seat of your aspirations. Let’s make motivation the grand finale! 🎩✨ #MotivationMagic #GoalSetting #ComedicInspiration

Grace Del Rey

Grace Del Rey is an intuitive financial growth business strategist, the founder and CEO of SGBS Consulting, Inc. The creator of The Saving Grace Money Method™, which provides business education, tools, and strategies to entrepreneurs, empowering them to elevate to a new level of success.

Grace loves to work with heart-centered business owners to create strategies to navigate the perils of running a business and guide them to propel their business to a new level of success with measurable and intuitive direction.

Navigation Excellence: Unveiling the Customer Journey Blueprint

Have you ever spent tons of money or time in marketing to get a customer to buy from you, whether it was services or products, only for your customer to have a lackluster experience or, worse, a bad experience? Was it a one-off, really? Or is your customer’s journey undefined in your company?

In this breakout session, we will map your current client experience from first touches to completion of the project to find the growth areas for your client journey; then, we will do a second map of how you’d like your customer experience to be. Let’s envision creating raving fans of your clients and taking your business’s bottom line to the next level.

Berenice Gomez

Berenice Gomez, a seasoned professional with over 30 years in the mortgage industry, stands as a published author, entrepreneur, and dynamic speaker. Her journey reflects a relentless passion for success and a commitment to excellence. Throughout her extensive career, Berenice has not only navigated the intricacies of the mortgage landscape but has also emerged as a business strategist with a keen eye for opportunities. As an astute wealth developer, Berenice brings a mature understanding of wealth known for inspiring others to resume their wealth journey. Her written work stand as a testament to her passion, commitment and expertise, offering valuable insights to entrepreneurs. Berenice’s dedication and entrepreneurial trajectory reflects her believe that success requires sacrifice, risk and unwavering self believe.

Wealth Mastery: Unveiling the 10 Principles of Financial

Unlock the path to enduring wealth with Berenice Gomez while studying transformative principles, The NAHREP 10. Gain a mature understanding of wealth. Recognize the significance of family and health in your financial journey. Berenice emphasizes the power of minimizing debt, urging you to invest 20% of your income wisely. Live below your means, understand your net worth, and navigate the market and real estate for sustained prosperity. cultivate a generous spirit towards the less fortunate. Finally, Berenice imparts the importance of being politically savvy, Embark on a journey of financial mastery with these ten principles as your guide.